What is tempeh?

Tempeh is a chunky block of cooked soybeans, bound together by a tempeh culture through a fermentation process. Tempeh has a mild nutty flavour with a slight mushroom scent and a firm, meaty yet tender texture. Tempeh is originated from Indonesia and its processing technique has been used traditionally for hundreds of years.


Why do I want to eat Tempeh?

Tempeh is considered as a super food and is also categorised as one of the world's healthiest food*. To mention some of its benefits, Tempeh has excellent source of fibre, good source of protein, low saturated fat, no cholesterol, and is packed with vitamins and minerals. Tempeh is an ideal meat substitute and an extremely versatile ingredient to use in all your recipes. In some parts of the world, Tempeh has been well accepted and known to become the protein backbone of a vegetarian and vegan diet. Tempeh is also good for a low sodium and gluten-free diet.




How do I cook tempeh?

Tempeh is not a finished product, in fact, it is like a blank canvas for your cooking. It can be marinated with your favourite spices or sauces, and it can be cooked in your desired method. Stir fry tempeh with your favourite sauces, grill them as tempeh kebab, puree it to make creamy dressings or spread, deep fry them to make tempeh chips or add tempeh in your pasta or casserole.

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